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Laying Grid Ceiling


Laying grid ceiling is a simple, stunning and cost effective solution for easy accessibility to wiring and components hidden from view.

It beautify highlights the ascetic shape of the room using its simple grid structure and symmetrical tile components.

A lay in grid system is extreamly customisable, durable and lightweight for a suspended ceiling system with a host of options avalible including occustics tiles, fire rated tiles, a lower profile system with a premium A-edge tile and a fully concealed set up of all metanl elements for a bigger aesthetic impact. .


The laying grid system can cater for any type of square edge or rebated tile design of your choice, we have built close relationships with the most popular brands used in London such as Burgess, USG Donn and CEP among others but, what ever your requirements are we are happy to help.

A lay in grid system is unique in that the tile coverage is minimal for a simple design where as on the lay on system the tile is fully exposed. We have created a rich portfolio of suspended ceilings across the industries with each individual ceiling requiring our close attention and honed skills, they vary in size and requirements, but the most popular type of suspension is a measurement of 15mm or 24mm with a square tile or rebated design.

LCP-LTD has complete design flexability in the field of lay in grid ceilings we can meet the specifications you need. We work with the leading providers of ceiling systems such as:

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Mf Ceiling Concealed frame


A MF system is a simple versatile smooth clean and customisable system which is has a fundamental metal frame crafted to your specification and fitted with a selection of chosen plasterboards to meet your internal requirements.

A clean smooth seamless finish can be created in all locations and can be customised with varied plasterboard applications. This system is versatile and can support a host specialist plaster boarding such as moisture resistance for bathrooms and kitchens, sound proofing, fire proofing and even resistance to impact for sporting locations.

The Metal frame ceiling system is completed by assembling the metal structure and affixing the required plasterboard seamlessly to create a solid rigid structured surface to which we finish with plastering or tape joining to create a solid flat surface. .

The Metal frame system if fully customisable with a whole host of solutions form the leading brands of suppliers including British Gypsum among others, what ever you ceiling require are we are happy to discuss the best options available.

LCP-LTD has close relationships with the leading suplliers and always seek to achive the best prices for our customers.

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We at LCP take grate pride in our work, we like to think our work speaks for itself. We also belive that only fantastic comunication between us and the customer is fundamental to making the work excatly what is desired. Customer feed back is essential to us.

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